This model represents the Account properties associated with a user's account.

idA unique identifier of the account holder
firstNameThe first name of the account holder
lastNameThe last name of the account holder
bioA brief description of the account holder
emailMatchThis represents the matched email
emailThe email of the account holder
authyIdThe 2FA authentication uiique identifier
emailVerifiedA boolean confirms email as verified
sendPromoEmailsA boolean that confirms account holder can receive promotional emails
profileCompletedA boolean that confirm the profile of the account holder is completed
providerThe name of the authentication provider. This value is persisted if the account holder registered with a thirdpary authentication provider such as Google
providerIdThe unique identifier of the providder
deviceIDA unique identifier of the authenticating device
photoURLThe URL to the account holder profile picture
waiverNameA created waiver name
genderThe gender of the account holder
idCountryA unique identifier of the country of the account holder
idTypeA type of card used in user verification
idNumID numbmber of the card used in verification
idStateA unique identifier of the state
address1The primary address of the account holder
address2The secondary address of the account holder
cityThe city of the account holder
stateThe state in which the account holder lives
zipThe zip code of the country in which the account holder lives
checkin_timeA timestamp showing the checkin time
waiverSignedStatusA boolean that verifies a waiver is signed
localeThe languate locale of the account holder
phoneThe phone number of the user
country_codeThe country code of the authenticated user
isFirstTimeA boolean that verifies it is the clients first time of login
isSignUpCompleteA boolean that shows if the signup process is complete for this account
consentA boolean that shows if concent is required for a created waiver
dobThe date of birth of the account holder
createdAtA timestamp of when this account was created
lastUpdatedAtA timestamp of when this account was last updated
organizationIdThe unique identifier of the organization the account holder belongs to
statusThis repesents the state of the accout
createdByIdA unique identifer of the
sportsA list of the favourite sports and activities of the user
roleThis represents the role of the account holder
refreshTokenA string representing the refresh token
permissionA list of permissions for the account holder