This model represents the properties associated with each participant.

idThe participants's unique identifier
waiverIdThis is a unique identifier waiver
typeThis represents the type of waiver
teamIdThis is a unique identifier of the participant
signeeThis object describes the participant's information
emergencyContactAn object that contains the emergency contact information
additionalFieldsDataAn object that describes the additional fields included in the waiver
addressThis object contains the address information of the participant
hasAdditionalFieldsThis is a boolean that determins additional fields are required for the participant
sourceThis parameter gives more information about the type of participant (participant, volunteer or signee)
documentIdThe unique identifier of any document submitted by the participant
documentUrlThe URL to the document submitted by the participant
certificateUrlThe URL to the certificate submitted by a participant
combinedCertificateUrlThe URL to combined certificates submitted by a participant
timeStampsAn object that describes various timestamps the participant viewed and signed the waiver
createdAtThe timestamp of when the participant was created
companyNameThe company name of the wiver a participant signed
adultThe object describes adult details
adultIdA unique identifier of the adult age group
minorIdA unique identifier of the minor age group